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The Unity Party of Canada works to meet the needs of a diverse culture. This is done by integrating honor, representation, justice and equality into our society therefore uniting our country one step at a time. Our main focus is to create new opportunities by listening to the voices of citizens to enhance their quality of life. We will address the ongoing issues of poverty by creating more jobs, creating safer communities by reforming the court system, and creating equality among all Canadians. Through the progressive actions that the Unity Party will take, our country will unite and work to make it the best it can be.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Breaking News! Minority Language Group Map Released

If you look at this map, what do you see? This photo was released by Peter Parker who works as a staff reporter but no details with it to help understand the meaning.  What we see is a way to improve and integrate minority languages into our society in a more efficient manner. The Unity Party will improve the quality of life and implement Minority Language Groups in our society.

Our Response


Schools will integrate minority language cultures. This will be done by creating a variety of different options classes where these minority languages could be taught. This increases the efficiency of our schools allowing for taxpayers to not pay for an excess of schools.
If there’s a large enough demand, schools with minority languages will be provided. This will require community involvement in the decision making process to make sure that this is the best for the community.

Annual cultural events will be funded by the government and communities. This will promote multiculturalism and minority language group heritage. On top of creating more events we would create a multicultural center. This multicultural center would contain a variety of goods and services from different countries. These cultural events and centers will be funded by tax dollars of citizens. But these tax dollars would come from a portion of the 11% for minority groups, as this is what we are focusing. We want them to feel more accepted, and still have a sense of their native culture.

Immigration will be strengthened and languages and cultures will be supported. Many that consider immigration are concerned about leaving behind what they currently have. Before individuals even decide to immigrate to Canada, an aura of acceptance and welcome will be advertised. It will be known to them that the opportunities to learn new languages and continue to practice their native cultures is still available if they so please.

Within existing schools, if there is a demanding population, all languages and cultures will be promoted through classes and school-held events. Various cultural/language schools will be available for students and all peoples on weekends if there is a demand on a high enough level. These schools will be provided to educate students and all peoples on the diverse array of cultures/languages.

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