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The Unity Party of Canada works to meet the needs of a diverse culture. This is done by integrating honor, representation, justice and equality into our society therefore uniting our country one step at a time. Our main focus is to create new opportunities by listening to the voices of citizens to enhance their quality of life. We will address the ongoing issues of poverty by creating more jobs, creating safer communities by reforming the court system, and creating equality among all Canadians. Through the progressive actions that the Unity Party will take, our country will unite and work to make it the best it can be.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Our 5-Point Plan

Prime Minister Hephen Starper has requested input from all parties on this issue be communicated immediately, i.e., the end of the day. He asks that all parties outline a 5-point plan to solve the problem of the Senate. These points must clearly align with your party’s platform, and this alignment must be explicit.

Strengthen rules

  1. Background checks - RCMP would lead it
  2. Investigations of scandal before forced resignation
  3. Yearly financial checks

How will this help?

  1. Scandals will be avoided.  Since there are many background checks and other investigations, it will ensure that the senators

Zero tolerance rule
  1. They are forced to resign
How will this help?
  1. It helps to reduce the number of scandals because senators will make more responsible decisions due to their careers being at risk.

Overcharges must be repaid
  1. Maximum time they have to repay: One year
How will this help?
  1. Government will receive the money that they were unjustly overcharged. This will regain balance within the government and economy.
  2. Not abusing taxpayers money that can be going to social services and other opportunities for citizens.

Have to live in the capital or within 100 km
  1. If their home is not in the capital or within 100 km, the Senator is required to move to a different location entirely, that is either in the capital or within 100 km.
  2. Senators who are wanting to keep their original home that is not in the capital or within 100 km are required to fund their second home. If this is unreachable for any reason, a loan will be provided.
How will this help?
  1. Because of the scandal regarding overcharges of government funds by Dike Muffy, Wamilla Pillin, and Batrick Prazeau started with a claim that they lived outside of the 100 km limit when they did not.  

Elected Senators on a fixed term
  1. Elected every 8 years by eligible Canadian citizen voters
How will this help?
  1. The values of the citizens will be reflected through the senators voted, and it will be better for the Canadian community. Instead of a single set of values from the party in power being presented, which has occurred in the past, different perspectives will be conveyed.

How does this relate to our platform?

  • Equality will be highlighted if Senators are elected, for there is not a single individual that holds the power and appoints these positions within the Senate, and Canadian citizens will have a voice.
    • We want unity for all Canadians, and this would mean the reflection of the popularities values. And by allowing citizens to vote for the senators their values will be reflected
  • By helping senators to pay for a home within Ottawa or 100km, it gives them more opportunities to become more involved in the community
    • This new plan prevents senators from taking advantage of this system, as they will be paying for their own housing rather than the government. And it disallows for senators to take advantage of the governments funding.
  • By creating a zero tolerance rule, it allows for more efficient use of taxpayers money.
  • Enforcing that individuals who overcharge the government must pay back will help create an economy where taxpayer’s money is not wasted and is used for the greater good.
  • Creating and strengthening rules prevents further encouragement of fraud and other crimes within our society.

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